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Hamburg Zeigt Kunst 2021. My experience.

-Is this true, is this a female organ?

-God, it's so sexy!

-Do you have some other works, more like this Indian Ocean or Portuguese rocks?

-This idea with cases is so logical! Where to order?

-Is this really a vagina?

-Did you painted that? Can I ask, what was the reference?

-Again these fucking flowers...

Though there've been five days since the exhibition, I still keep in mind all the questions, the emotions, the exclamations, the excitement, the shy look, the light in men's eyes, and the way women looked at the macro series as spectators. People walked away from my stand, waited for someone new to come and how he / she would react. And winked and smiled at me.

So it has happened. And the exhibition, and as many believe - my debut as well. I will assume that it is so. Important point anyway.

Before HZK I have set myself three tasks for this event:

1-to get pleasure from the process

2-to define my own unvisible vibrations and what actually having such an experience means to me - means for further steps.

3-to test my resilience to possibly indifferent audience (after all, Hamburg is a very art-demanding city).

1! I really had fun. Starting with the organization and should tell I am definitely growing in this. Last night before exhibition I just slept.

2! Oh yeah, I have had vibrations! However, next time I need to dress warmer:)

3! Resistance. Wonderful. Even the only spectator who told "oh this fucking flowers" made me happy. Rather his wife, who in opposition to him looked at my paintings for a very long time.

There is no genius, good, bad, terrible, repulsive.

There is an emotion, or there is NOT.

With my paintings, ideas and projects I DO try to evoke one’s emotion. Let it be even at the level of a quick smile, a shy look or something with adjective "fucking")

Thank you for all support I have felt that day. See you again, Hamburg Zeigt Kunst.

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