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Easter Egg

This idea came so spontaneously that I have already realized that MY WORK was finished when I was carrying it to the Trading Center. IT - is an Easter Egg.

Once talking to a friend, I just said out loudly - it would be great to somehow revive this time with art. People are kind of sad.

Not any more))

Creating such an art object was a completely new adventure for me, because neither acrylic paints nor papier-mâché technique is my main occupation. But the process I immersed myself in became a real meditation.

The most difficult thing was to dwell on the images. I wanted the silent subject tells something loudly. And it tells - with symbols, ornaments and combined colors.

As a basis, I chose a theme that echoes in me with only one name - Trypillian mysterious and incomprehensible culture.

The ornaments that inspired me include the richness of the earth, a successful harvest year, the energy of the moon and an endless vortex of energy.

The typical ornament of Western Ukrainian carpets, a special household item that has long accompanied Ukrainians from birth to death, also fits in vividly. The sun, the wind - these are in little parts of the egg, and it is again about energy.

And finally the colors - having intuitively made a smear of blue paint, I had no doubt nex second - I am in the right direction.

Blue, grassgreen, yellow, red, brown - and I finally realized that I drew the Earth.

Energy-charged symbols, Earth energy, motion. I'm sure I've taken a step from an artistic point of view. Audience, artlovers - your turn!

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