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Color trends of 2021

How many colors can you differ?

I give you some time to think over it... Ready with calculating?

Remembering standard palette, slow or faster you'll name 12 colors, than stressing your memory maybe more. But in general it will be about 30 shades and tones. Correct?

But I hope, you know, there's much much more!

Among this huge diversity the Pantone Color Institute provides color insights and solutions and annually defines a “color of the year” that affects all areas and industries where color is involved.

Do you think this is YOU decided to "buy a coral trousers or a clutch in a soft pink shade" in 2019? No, Panton decided it at first;)

So, let's have a look in 2021 trends!

TADAAAM! Two colors - Ultimate Gray and Illuminating - are defined as trendsetters! (speaking easy gray and yellow). I think it is a great combination, great to watch, i like it!

I am inspired and planning a whole series of paintings and information on this topic. There's a lot to research.

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