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30 years of Independence

There are many national holidays, and each country, having a history behind it, forms the attitude to these holidays.

For me, the closest, most necessary, solemn and irreplaceable is the Independence Day of Ukraine. Whether the age of 30 is closer and clearer to me, or whether the present makes me feel that way, this year was really special. And I am so happy, that I have spent it in my motherland with my family and went with my grandma to the festive procession in our traditional costumes - vyshyvankas.

I set myself a real task of creating an artwork for this special Holiday. Coincidentally, my friends from the Consulate General of Ukraine in Hamburg have already asked me if I am preparing something special for this day that could be shown to the Ukrainian community and German partners. That is how we coworked.

Two works have been demonstrated online and of course I would like to leave this remembrance here. I hope you understand my motivation and also find own explanations and senses about these artworks.

"Subtle images of independence"

Watercolor, watercolor paper, liners, 30х42 cm

Beautiful, free, educated and fearless. We slowly turn our wheel. Wheel of destiny, dreams and hopes. We fix, lean, adjust it. These are our images and our unique way.

"Ukrainian labyrinths"

Intuitive painting. Watercolor, watercolor paper, liners, 30х42 cm

Once I watched flies flying in the room with geometric shapes, dramatically changing the angle of flight. Probably many have noticed this. It turned out that this is how insects react to the flow of cold air and readjust to heat. In "Ukrainian labyrinths", an intuitive painting, a certain metaphorical essence is placed over a warm environment, but still moves chaotically, turns, finds itself in front of a wall, turns back, and does not stop. Always not enough, more, better, further.

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